Take the time to consign your boat with US OR
Just sell it to South Eastex Sports, Call 409 755-3200 

How will South Eastex Sports decide what to offer you?

South Eastex Sports cash offers are based mainly on the year, make, model and condition of your boat and how well it has been maintained and how much it has been used.

How South Eastex Sports will evaluate your boat for us to purchase?

South Eastex Sports will make an interest evaluation based on a few simple questions over the phone. The year, make, model, added options and overall condition of your boat. If we are interested in your boat at that time we will ask you to bring the boat and the titles to South Eastex Sports for a full check out and evaluation of the boat, motor and trailer.

What exactly does South Eastex Sports take care of?

When we purchase your boat we will handle the entire transaction

Why should consign your boat:

  • Have to wait for your money, How Long?
  • You loose sight and control of your valuable property
  • Still have to make payments, insure and license until sold
  • Do not always obtain what was agreed upon from the consignee
  • Dealer will not promote your boat as their own
  • Salesmen usually walk around consigned units, because they know there is less profit potential
  • When you sign a consignment contract you will be unable to sell your boat on your own for the length of the contact
  • If no sale is made, your boat may not be returned to you in the condition as given, or it's book value may have depreciated

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