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South Eastex Sports is NOW Located at 1211 S Main St. Lumberton, Texas 77657

South Eastex Sports Vehicle Sales & Finance   specializes in boat & motor  sales  with In-House Financing   for our customers that purchase a boats with motors and trailers.   We sell boats that are owned by South Eastex sports, not boats that are consigned buy a third party owner.  We stand behind what we sell and we  service and repair boats that are purchased and financed from South Eastex Sports.   South Eastex Sports can In-House Finance every boat that we sell regardless of past credit history within 100 miles from dealership.   'We Specialize in Boat Financing.  Credit Problems are No Problem for Us.  11/12/2014

Store Hours:   Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed Saturday and Sunday. 


Family Pleasure and Fishing Boats for Sale & Finance, Like This Rig!!


2005 21" Sun Tracker Fishing Barge  with a 50hp Mercury on a Trail Star Trailer with Galvashield. Included:  Fish Finder, Front and Rear Fishing Seats, Bimini Top, Table, Rear Access Ladder, Changing Room/Porta Potti, Lots of storage and More...  Very Clean and a Great Family Boat..

      With Our IN-House Financing...   We Make Boating Easy...

 South Eastex Propeller Service:  We offer standard prop repair such as Re-Hubbing, Re-Pitching, Cupping, Balancing, Blade Tuning and General Tig Welding on Recreational propellers.   We also repair Broken and or damages skegs and cavitation plates.  We work with most insurance companies for clients who wish to use their boaters insurance.   Click Here: For a Prop Repair Price List 

      For our Prop Repair customers who live out of Town...  Box up your Prop and ship it to us for repair...  Free Return Shipping **  


      Boating Tips...  

Prevent Outboard Breakdowns with Simple Maintenance

Keeping your outboard in tip-top shape can be done even if you're not a mechanic. There is nothing worse than trying to run to shore to flee an incoming storm and hearing that all-too-familiar cough and sputter from the outboard. More often than not, just a little TLC and preventative maintenance could have prevented the fact that you are now bobbing around like a cork, pounded by waves and soaked by the torrential downpour.   If you are not a mechanic, get a reliable one and start every season with a professional tune-up. You should have the mechanic test the spark, run a compression test, pressure test the lower unit, check the seals and water pump, test the warning alarms and, in general, go over the motor in such a manner as to eliminate most causes of breakdown. After you have had your annual check-up there are many things that you can do to help assure that you make it through the season without being towed home.

After every outing, flush out the engine. This doesnít just apply to salt water outings but to fresh water as well. If the lake or river you operate on isnít as clear as the water from your garden hose you need to flush. If you ran aground and kicked up some sand, you need to flush. It wonít take long, ten to fifteen minutes, and during that time you can check out some other items.  

To flush the engine you will need a set of "rabbit ears" (two flexible rubber seals connected with a metal clamp). Simply slip this apparatus onto the lower unit where the water is picked up and attach a garden hose. Start up the engine and let the water pump do the rest. (Be sure to stay clear of the prop and make sure no one tries to shift into gear)

While the motor is being flushed, check the water pump to make sure you have good water flow. Carefully put your finger through the stream of water. It may be warm, but it shouldnít be hot. If the output is not strong, you may have some debris stuck in the outflow tube. You should immediately shut down the engine to prevent overheating and damage. A small piece of wire or similar object can be inserted up into the flow tube and worked back and forth. Start the engine again and check the output. If that doesnít solve the problem you may need a new water pump.

IF you have a carburetorated outboard engine you should disconnect the fuel line and allow the engine to burn all the fuel in the carburetor. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A DIRECT INJECTED ENGINE or IF YOU HAVE AN EFI ENGINE such as an Mecury Optimax or Evirude ETEC.   By the way, make sure you always use fresh fuel. You should not use fuel that has been sitting around for over 60 days. That means; at the end of your season take the fuel in your tanks to the proper recycling authority or just use it your lawn mower. Donít save it up for next year. That's an invitation for disaster. Other fuel related items you should check are:

         Check the fuel line for cracks and worn spots

         Make sure the fuel primer bulb is not cracked and is pliable

         Make sure the fuel line fittings seat properly and donít leak

         Check the clamps on the fuel line for rust or corrosion

         Check the fuel tanks for damage and corrosion

         Check the tank vent to make sure it aspirates properly (many a mechanic has handed a boater a bill for services after he simply opened the tank vent)

         Check for water in the fuel

Once you have finished the flushing and run the engine out of fuel, be sure to turn off the key and, if you have a battery switch, turn it off. Open up the engine cover and check for fuel or water leaks. If you find leaks you should consult your mechanic. Be sure to wipe everything down and spray with a anti-corrosive like WD 40 or Quick-lube. Be sure to lubricate all the moving parts such as the shift and throttle cables, carburetor valves etc. Check your owner's manual for details.   Once you have performed your post-trip preventative maintenance program, replace the engine cover and wipe the outside down. If you have a canvas or plastic cover for the engine you should keep it in place between trips.    Run your Engine 30 minutes every thirty days in the summer or winter... This will prevent water pump impeller forming and most time related fuel issues.    Hope this helps and decreases your chance of engine failure in the future. 

Customer Comments ...



"I went to South Eastex Sports to buy a new boat trailer for my  boat and left with a Procraft 210 Super Pro Bass boat...  My Name is Andrea Berry and I fish 10 to 12 Major Bass Torments a year...  The guys at South Eatex Sports know their stuff...  They can answer the tuff questions about boats and they service my boat on a regular basis without a  wait because there customers are a priority to them...  They had a good price on the boat and they financed it for me.   I like the fact that I can pay my boat note right where I bought the boat.  I would recommend South Eastex Sports to any one"... 


Sincerely,   Andrea Berry, Buna Texas


PS: Yea...  I'm a lady bass fisherperson and I would rather be bass fishing then standing here getting my picture taken... 



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