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South Eastex Sports is NOW Located at 1211 S Main St. Lumberton, Texas 77657

South Eastex Sports Vehicle Sales & Finance   specializes in boat & motor  sales  with In-House Financing   for our customers that purchase a boats with motors and trailers.   We sell boats that are owned by South Eastex sports, not boats that are consigned buy a third party owner.  We stand behind what we sell and we  service and repair boats that are purchased and financed from South Eastex Sports.   South Eastex Sports can In-House Finance every boat that we sell regardless of past credit history within 75 miles from dealership.   'We Specialize in Boat Financing.  Credit Problems are No Problem for Us.  01/08/2016 

Store Hours:   Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, Closed Saturday and Sunday.  

Family Pleasure and Fishing Boats for Sale & Finance, Like This Rig!!


2009 20" G 3 208 Suncruser Pontoon Boat  with a 60hp Yamaha 4 Stroke on a Galvanized Pontoon Trailer. Included:  Bimini Top, Rear Access Ladder, Front Lounge Seats, Sun Deck, Built-in Fuel Tank, Lots of storage and More...  Very Clean and a Great Family Boat..

                         With Our IN-House Financing...   We Make Boating Easy...

Service & Repair...  Servicing Your Outboard or Inboard is not a Mystery. 

South Eastex Sports service department has been servicing boater's needs for over 14  years in South East Texas. We are a repair center for Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Mercruiser, & Volvo Penta engines. We repair on Skeeter, Ranger, Bass Cat, Chaparral, Nautic Star, Just to mention a few Brands...  All Pontoon Boats and Most Aluminum Boats.   We Make The Repairs Easy...

      Boating Tips...   Taking Care of Your Boat & Motor Also Means the Trailer Too. 

Spring is here and now and you want to take your boat out for a day of fun.  Last winter you did your winterization on your boat and motor, but what about the trailer.  Follow this simple routine to make sure the trailer transports your boat this spring, this summer, this fall and beyond this season.    Wash and Lubricate: Clean your trailer with an all-purpose cleaner that includes a degreaser to remove corrosive salt water, chemicals and dirt before putting it to bed for the winter. Even a galvanized trailer should be rinsed thoroughly to prevent rust if it's seen salt water. Lubricate moving parts such as rollers, winches and other components with lightweight oil to ward off rust.

Remove Rust Spots and Repaint: All rust on the trailer frame should be sanded and painted to stop the deteriorating process before it gets worse. If a structural component appears to be badly rusted, repair or replace it. Have it inspected by an expert if you're uncertain.

Protect Your Tires: It's best to put your trailer on blocks and remove the wheels, especially if you're storing the trailer outdoors. Otherwise, your tires could develop perpetual flat spots due to prolonged inactivity. By storing the tires inside, away from sunshine and moisture, you'll also keep the rubber from deteriorating. Another advantage is that you'll avoid Boat, Motor and Trailer theft.   If you store tires off the trailer but still mounted on rims, inflate them to 10-15 psi. If you leave your tires on the trailer outside, cover the tires with wood or plastic, and move the trailer periodically to avoid those flat spots.

Check Wiring and Connectors:  If wires are exposed, either replace the wire or tape it with electrical tape; exposed wires left untreated during the long off-season will deteriorate, requiring more work in the spring. Put a small amount of electrical socket grease on plug contacts and light bulb bases to prevent rust and corrosion.

Repack Wheel Bearings:  This will ensure that no water lingers during the off-season. If water rests on bearing surfaces for a few weeks without the wheel being turned, rust and bearing damage will begin, and you'll have a bigger problem next spring

Customer Comments ...



"I went to South Eastex Sports to buy a new boat trailer for my  boat and left with a Procraft 210 Super Pro Bass boat...  My Name is Andrea Berry and I fish 10 to 12 Major Bass Torments a year...  The guys at South Eatex Sports know their stuff...  They can answer the tuff questions about boats and they service my boat on a regular basis without a  wait because there customers are a priority to them...  They had a good price on the boat and they financed it for me.   I like the fact that I can pay my boat note right where I bought the boat.  I would recommend South Eastex Sports to any one"... 


Sincerely,   Andrea Berry, Buna Texas


PS: Yea...  I'm a lady bass fisherperson and I would rather be bass fishing then standing here getting my picture taken... 



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